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'Tis the season to be..... Sexy!

'Tis the season to be..... Sexy!
That's right. You can still be fly in the winter. Most people associate sexiness with the summer. How unfair for winter. True, we're all very bundled, but that doesn't mean our skin can't glow. That also means that hair poking from under our hats can still be lovely.
Sitting at home watching netflix marathons? Why not run your fingers through healthy hair? The way I see it, the harshest part of both extreme seasons, is when your hair and skin need more tlc, but it's also when people are in the salon less. Stick out from the crowd and treat yourself. Add a conditioning service to your appt. Consider a keratin express for strong shiny hair. Whichever you chose, remember not to neglect yourself!
Peace, love, and beautiful hair!


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